Trade Agreements


Forget the economy, there’s a new threat to growth in global trade and to the manufacturers that produce it, the retailers that import it and the carriers that move it.

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08 Apr 2014
Australia has secured a significant competitive advantage in the lucrative Japanese beef market over its main rival, the United States.
06 Mar 2014
WASHINGTON — U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman today gave a positive picture of the Obama administration’s trade agenda success and reiterated the importance of the president gaining authority to submit two ongoing major trade pacts to Congress for a simple yes-or-no vote.
18 Feb 2014
Cross-border trade among the U.S., Mexico and Canada is increasing, but President Obama is likely to hear complaints about U.S. trade barriers when he meets his Mexican and Canadian counterparts Feb. 19.
30 Jan 2014
After 20 rounds of talks, the U.S., Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim countries are poised to deliver the text of the far-reaching Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP could become reality this year, but will the reality match the hype?
NAFTA at 20
24 Jan 2014
This is the first of a two-part series looking at NAFTA’s legacy, the North American supply chain and the future of cross-border trade.
19 Dec 2013
Asian exports and intra-Asia air and ocean trades are forecast to receive a major boost from the ground-breaking World Trade Organization deal agreed to in Bali earlier this month.
12 Dec 2013
Shippers using air cargo and expedited services will be among the biggest beneficiaries of the World Trade Organization’s Bali Package of reforms agreed to last week, express providers believe.
Gears and lines representing world trade network
10 Dec 2013
The Doha round of talks began in 2001, and there seemed little chance of a breakthrough. But surprising almost all but the most optimistic of multilateral advocates, a breakthrough was indeed achieved as WTO negotiators produced the first major accord in the organization’s 18-year history.
10 Dec 2013
The international shipping and logistics industry has welcomed the far-reaching trade facilitation reforms agreed to in Bali last week as part of the World Trade Organization’s latest effort to revitalize the Doha round of global trade talks.
U.S. and EU flags blended together
11 Nov 2013
The European Union and the United States began a second round of free trade negotiations in Brussels today even as recent spying allegations have undermined trust between the world’s biggest commercial partners.