US Trade Agreements

05 Jul 2014
A decade into CAFTA-DR, the labor rights issue continues to cast a dark shadow over foreign-owned, low-wage manufacturing plants, especially in Guatemala.
04 Jul 2014
Nicaragua has always occupied a special place among CAFTA member states.
04 Jul 2014
A decade after its signing, and five years after full implementation, the Central America Free Trade Agreement may not have transformed Central America into the powerhouse of textile and apparel trade forecast by some optimists, but it has facilitated significant growth in that sector of the region’s economy, along with diversification into other sectors.
28 May 2014
Gil Kerlikowske oversees the largest U.S. law enforcement agency and the second-largest revenue-collecting source in the federal government.
27 Apr 2014
Japan and the United States failed to reach a deal in bilateral negotiations over the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement during President Barack Obama’s three-day visit to Tokyo, which ended on April 25.
18 Feb 2014
Cross-border trade among the U.S., Mexico and Canada is increasing, but President Obama is likely to hear complaints about U.S. trade barriers when he meets his Mexican and Canadian counterparts Feb. 19.
30 Jan 2014
After 20 rounds of talks, the U.S., Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim countries are poised to deliver the text of the far-reaching Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP could become reality this year, but will the reality match the hype?
NAFTA at 20
24 Jan 2014
This is the first of a two-part series looking at NAFTA’s legacy, the North American supply chain and the future of cross-border trade.
U.S. and EU flags blended together
11 Nov 2013
The European Union and the United States began a second round of free trade negotiations in Brussels today even as recent spying allegations have undermined trust between the world’s biggest commercial partners.
Shoe on money
23 Oct 2013
Footwear importers are mounting an all-out effort to convince Congress and the Obama administration that disproportionately large duties on their products are punishing both retailers and American consumers.
07 Oct 2013
The U.S. and the European Union will today attempt to agree on a new date for trans-Atlantic trade talks...
26 Sep 2013
The U.S. and Japan today announced that organic products certified in Japan or in the U.S. may be sold as organic in either country, starting Jan. 1, 2014.