International Import/Export Regulations

26 Jun 2014
The growth of U.S. exports of containerized distillers dried grains to China has fallen in the last five months.
08 Apr 2014
Australia has secured a significant competitive advantage in the lucrative Japanese beef market over its main rival, the United States.
17 Mar 2014
The stricter enforcement of Chinese forwarding regulations could force container lines to turn away business and force forwarders out of the market.
16 Mar 2014
SHANGHAI — Forwarders in China still can’t deduct freight payments of a value-added tax, even though Chinese officials provided additional guidelines earlier this year.
Euromaidan protesters in Kiev, Ukraine in January 2014.
12 Mar 2014
The European Commission has adopted a proposal to temporarily remove customs duties on Ukrainian exports to the European Union until Nov. 1, 2014...
06 Mar 2014
WASHINGTON — U.S. and Mexican shippers and transportation providers in their countries’ trusted traded programs could see faster cargo processing at the shared border as soon as late 2014, Mexico head of customs today.
02 Mar 2014
Japan becomes the latest country to require information from shippers of containerized cargo before the cargo heads to sea, with its 24-hour advanced manifest rule coming into force.
Apples with Chinese and U.S. flags on them
19 Feb 2014
U.S. beef, Chinese solar panels, genetically modified corn and U.S. software were high on the agenda at annual trade talks the U.S. and China held in mid-January. Chinese officials also revealed the top item on their agriculture wish list: access to the U.S. market for apples grown in China.
GMO lettered on ear of corn
02 Jan 2014
China isn’t expected to approve a genetically modified strain found in corn and corn-based dried distillers grains with solubles until late spring, forcing some U.S. exporters to seek new markets or hold off on shipments, an agriculture analyst said today.
Cornfield with storm looming
27 Dec 2013
U.S. corn exporters are bracing for a potential slowdown in shipments to their top foreign customer after Chinese authorities reportedly rejected imports of corn and corn-based dried distillers grains with solubles, citing the presence of an unapproved genetically modified strain.
Mexico maquiladora
12 Nov 2013
Maquiladoras, or manufacturers in Mexico focused on exports, were on a roll this year. Barely a week went by without a major shipper announcing its plans to set up shop or expand operations in Mexico. Then the government stepped in. Through a $14 billion tax plan, maquiladoras face a value added tax of 16 percent that kicks in 2015 and an income tax rise from 17.5 percent to 30 percent, starting next year
U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service finalizes regulations for mad cow disease.
04 Nov 2013
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has finalized regulations for imports of bovine spongiform encephalopathy...