International Customs Regulations

14 Oct 2016
It is now easier for Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust shippers to take advantage of a “direct port entry” scheme meant to speed export traffic.
12 Dec 2014
NVOCCs and forwarders will be required to submit house bills of lading to China customs when the country's advanced manifest system is implemented in March.
08 Dec 2014
Descartes Systems Group has acquired two companies for about $11.8 million that will help the Waterloo, Ontario-based transportation technology provider expand its European reach.
04 Dec 2014
Transportation technology provider Descartes increased its net income 91 percent year-over-year in the third quarter, citing the industry's growing reliance on logistics technology to handle increased trade regulation.
18 Nov 2014
European Union trade partners are implementing trade-restricting measures at at “alarming” pace and their efforts to remove such hindrances has slowed, according to an annual EU report on protectionism released yesterday.
18 Nov 2014
A system aimed at expediting the customs clearance of goods traded between members of the Association of Southeast Nations will get its first test in in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.
06 Nov 2014
Transport Canada is proposing to allow shippers to screen their cargo before it reaches an airport, rather than solely relying on carriers to do so, in order to bridge security gaps and prevent terrorist attacks.
27 Oct 2014
Most shippers are happy with the European Union’s new electronic customs system, which aims to replace paper customs procedures to facilitate trade and enhance security at the EU’s external borders, this despite potentially higher costs and possibly more enquiries and audits, according to a new survey.