International Customs Regulations

Question mark with Chinese flag elements within it
29 Jun 2014
Forwarders shipping goods via Shanghai are trying to decipher China Customs’ 24-Hour Advance Manifest (CCAM) regulations that either were implemented on June 3, will be implemented on June 28 or July 1, or will be strictly enforced from October 1, depending on the source.
04 Apr 2014
Changes coming to Mexican customs regulations in October will give maquiladoras, or manufacturers focused on exports, more competitive pricing on brokerage and allow brokers to expand the number of ports of entry where they manage cargo.
06 Mar 2014
WASHINGTON — U.S. and Mexican shippers and transportation providers in their countries’ trusted traded programs could see faster cargo processing at the shared border as soon as late 2014, Mexico head of customs today.
08 Jan 2014
China is reportedly allowing more U.S. dried distiller grains into the country after rejecting roughly 661 short tons of corn-based DDGS and 2,205 short tones of regular corn, both containing an unapproved genetically-modified strain.
Port of Tokyo
16 Dec 2013
Shippers of containerized cargo to Japan, be forewarned: the Japanese version of the U.S. 24-hour advanced manifest rule will soon be going into effect. This means that after March 8, 2014, shipments that don’t contain the needed information in shipping instructions will be rejected for loading by customs authorities.
10 Oct 2013
Trade Tech, a cloud-based solutions provider for the logistics industry, has opened a new office in Tokyo to support customers in Japan and the surrounding region.
Spain's Barcelona harbor.
04 Oct 2013
The governments of Spain and Japan have agreed to streamline their customs procedures to facilitate trade, ensure compliance and exchange information on new customs procedures.
14 Aug 2013
United Nations inspectors have arrived at Panama’s Manzanillo port to examine the North Korean ship carrying hidden military equipment that was intercepted by Panamanian authorities...
07 Aug 2013
The European Commission reported almost 90,000 detention cases were registered by the European Union Customs Union in 2012...
02 Aug 2013
The European Union is ratcheting up efforts to boost short-sea shipping with plans for an attack on customs red tape that will allow sea transport to compete with trucks and trains in moving freight among its 28 member states.
22 Jul 2013
Hong Kong Customs has seized more than 1,148 ivory tusks, valued at HK$17.46 million (about US$2.23 million), that were being smuggled through...
18 Jul 2013
Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Relations has announced that the missile systems that Panama seized from a North Korea-flag ship were “obsolete defensive weapons” that Cuba was sending...