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For those in the rail intermodal business, 2012 served as a reminder that year-over-year changes are inevitable...

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27 Jun 2014
U.S. commodity exporters are enjoying another year of especially low freight rates, but these benefits are often negated by carriers’ sloppy processing of documentation, longer transit times and inland transportation costs from the nation’s interior.
31 Mar 2014
KKR, the U.S.-based global investment group, today announced it is supporting a new European locomotive leasing firm to capitalize on the emergence of private companies spurred by rail deregulation across the continent.
07 Feb 2014
Shippers must work with their partners to fix supply chain faults revealed by winter storms, or face more near-term rate hikes and equipment shortages, a logistics executive warns.
17 Dec 2013
Schneider National is making the rare move of offering its own 600-strong chassis fleet, giving shippers more reliable access to lightweight equipment that will allow them to load more goods into the company’s containers.
22 Nov 2013
Federal investigators are determining whether a Caterpillar subsidiary dumped train parts into the Pacific Ocean to conceal evidence of charging railroads for unneeded repairs, people familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal.
Natural gas tank
13 Nov 2013
CSX and GE Transportation have agreed to launch a pilot program in 2014 to explore liquefied natural gas technology for locomotives.
Textainer container
07 Nov 2013
Textainer Group Holdings reported its net income in the third quarter of 2013 was $41.3 million, dropping 18.0 percent year-over-year from $50.4 million.
30 Oct 2013
CAI International reported its net income in the third quarter of 2013 was $15.3 million, falling 9 percent year-over-year from $16.8 million.
Train track
25 Oct 2013
GATX reported its net income in the third quarter of 2013 was basically flat year-over-year at $53.8 million.
21 Oct 2013
Shipper acceptance of refrigerated rail has grown in the past several years as new services have proved reliable in intermodal and boxcar sectors.