27 Nov 2014
A train pulling 82 wagons loaded with containers is somewhere between the Chinese manufacturing hub of Yiwu and the Spanish city of Madrid, 6,200 miles down the track.
Three trains a day shuttle between the SEAT plant and the Port of Barcelona.
14 May 2014
BARCELONA, Spain — In the middle of the rolling coastal mountains near this Mediterranean seaport a huge auto plant sprawls. The SEAT plant, which serves as the headquarters of Spain’s only domestic automaker, makes four different models, three under SEAT brand names and the Audi Q3, which is part of the family of cars produced by Volkswagen of Germany, which acquired control of the Spanish company in 1986. Most of the plant’s production is bound for export markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
08 Apr 2014
European ports will struggle to handle the revamped services due to be launched by the P3 and G6 carrier alliances due to their weak intermodal transport links, according to Drewry Maritime Research.
01 Apr 2014
Logistics firm DHL has signed a new agreement to provide rail freight services between China and Europe via a strategic partnership with United Transport and Logistics Company, a joint venture between OJSC Russian Railways, JSC National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and state-owned Belarusian Railway.
31 Mar 2014
KKR, the U.S.-based global investment group, today announced it is supporting a new European locomotive leasing firm to capitalize on the emergence of private companies spurred by rail deregulation across the continent.
Container train at HHLA
06 Feb 2014
HHLA boosted its share of ocean container traffic in the Hamburg-Le Havre range in 2013 and posted a significant growth in rail and road traffic to the European hinterland.
20 Dec 2013
Improving transit times and favorable rates give air and ocean shippers another option China-to-Europe transportation options for automotive and high-value electronics shippers are much like that famous fairly tale about a blond-headed upstart and three bears. Ocean shipping is and was the slowest and cheapest mode, with a transit time of about 30 days but at roughly a tenth the price of air cargo delivery. And air cargo offers much faster delivery, but the expediency comes with far steeper prices that many supply chain managers would like to shake.
A Belgian freight train in Strasbourg, France.
18 Dec 2013
The European Union has approved its fourth package of measures to restructure the rail market and has adopted Shift2Rail...