10 Dec 2014
Twenty-one days after leaving the east China manufacturing city of Yiwu more than 8,000 miles away, a freight train carrying 40 containers arrived in the Spanish capital of Madrid this week, potentially opening yet another land bridge between China and Europe.
20 Dec 2013
Improving transit times and favorable rates give air and ocean shippers another option China-to-Europe transportation options for automotive and high-value electronics shippers are much like that famous fairly tale about a blond-headed upstart and three bears. Ocean shipping is and was the slowest and cheapest mode, with a transit time of about 30 days but at roughly a tenth the price of air cargo delivery. And air cargo offers much faster delivery, but the expediency comes with far steeper prices that many supply chain managers would like to shake.
Chinese railroad locomotive
18 Dec 2013
China over the last decade has become the world-beater in infrastructure investment, spending hundreds of billions of dollars on highways, seaports, high-speed railways and airports. Chinese investment in the movement of containers via rail, though, has been a slow train coming.