Eastbound US Intermodal Rates Slip

U.S. intermodal rates for east-to-west shipments fell this week, the only of the directional indices to see a decline, according to data on all-inclusive 53-foot door-to-door spot pricing quoted by railroads and provided by the 3PL IDS. The top 12 and top 18 combined lanes, which include the big city lanes of Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Dallas, Atlanta and Seattle, saw mixed week-to-week changes. The top 18 saw a jump of $22 to $1,918.33, close to the $17 increase experienced by the overall index. However, the top 12 only increased by $1.25 to $2,072.92. The difference was in a $120 climb in the Chicago-Dallas lane, not included in the top 12, which elevated the top 18 and the overall index.

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