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10 Apr 2014
Bulk rail shippers ranging from agriculture to coal producers told the U.S. Surface Transportation Board today that poor rail service must be solved before their business suffers even more.
24 Mar 2014
Canadian National Railway said it’s meeting the government requirement to transport more grain but warned that grain elevators on the west coast are nearing capacity and ice coverage prevents shipping via the Great Lakes.
21 Feb 2014
WASHINGTON — Following a series of accidents involving trains hauling crude oil, the major U.S. railroads and federal regulators have agreed to series of safety practices, including slower speeds through urban areas and increased inspections.
17 Jan 2014
The U.S. energy boom has helped the nation reduce its trade deficit and could pave the way for even more natural gas exports. But the energy bonanza comes at a cost. Rocketing natural gas and oil production appears to be hampering the shipment of one of the U.S.’s top export: agriculture products.
Grain silos in Idaho.
23 Oct 2013
U.S. farmers expect to harvest bumper corn and wheat crops this year, which should more than reverse the shortfall caused by last year’s drought.
01 Oct 2013
Indian Railways has announced a 15 percent hike in its freight charges for all bulk commodities, effective Oct. 1, as part of a “busy season tariff adjustment.”
Canadian rail freight traffic.
25 Sep 2013
The Canadian railway industry carried 27.0 million metric tons of freight in July, a 1.8 percent year-over-year decline, according to Statistics Canada.
08 Aug 2013
U.S. Development Group and Gibson Energy have partnered to expand USDG’s crude-by-rail development to Canada, in turn boosting transportation optionality for Gibson’s Hardisty Terminals customers in Alberta.
02 Aug 2013
Freight carried by Canadian railways rose 12.9 percent year-over-year to 29.3 million metric tons in May, as the industry saw a “strong” increase in domestic freight traffic compared with May 2012 levels.
Oil refinery in the United States
17 Jul 2013
The amount of crude oil delivered by rail and truck to U.S. refineries is soaring, climbing 62.6 percent in 2012 thanks to rising shale oil production output.