Port of Portland (Ore.)

06 Jun 2017
Portland has been without weekly container services since 2015.
09 Dec 2015
The revolutionary arbitration system contained in the new West Coast waterfront contract should significantly reduce the number of dockworker challenges involving technology and automation and will help to foster port growth in the coming years, the president of the Pacific Maritime Association said Tuesday.
04 Dec 2015
The National Labor Relations Board Thursday affirmed the decision of an NLRB administrative law judge that International Longshore and Warehouse Local 8 in Portland engaged in coercive actions against terminal operator ICTSI during a 10-month period beginning in September 2012.
03 Nov 2015
West Coast ports in September suffered a drop in container volume as well as import market share, but it is too early to determine if this is the beginning of a trend or just a one-month anomaly for ports that appeared to be recovering from the loss of business earlier in the year.
02 Oct 2015
The National Labor Relations Board determined that International Longshore and Warehouse Union Locals 8 and 40 in Portland violated federal laws prohibiting secondary boycotts by engaging in work stoppages and slowdowns, and on Wednesday ordered the ILWU to cease and desist from those activities.
21 Jul 2015
Port of Portland Executive Director Bill Wyatt is recuperating in a Portland hospital after a recent motorcycle accident while on vacation in Oregon.