Port of New York and New Jersey

20 Mar 2017
New York may be the city that never sleeps, but the four main terminals at its namesake port, the Port of New York and New Jersey, are closed by 7 p.m.
05 Aug 2015
Eight ports on the U.S. East Coast made substantial gains in import market share in the first six months of 2015. A booming import market, West Coast diversions tied to the recent labor crisis, and port investments helped East and Gulf Coast ports edge out all but one of their West Coast counterparts.
28 Jul 2015
The Port of New York and New Jersey's container volume during the first half of 2015 rose 13.4 percent from a year earlier, putting the East Coast's largest port on pace to exceed its record 2014 volume.
27 Jul 2015
The Port Authority of New York has agreed to several antipollution measures while it continues work on future phases of a program to replace older trucks at the East Coast’s largest port. But environmentalists aren’t content.
19 Jul 2015
Direct ChassisLink Inc. has rescinded a $200 chassis usage fee that generated complaints from New York-New Jersey port truckers.
17 Jul 2015
An organization of New York-New Jersey drayage companies said a chassis lessor’s new policy restricting use of its equipment casts fresh doubt on efforts to create a port-wide “gray” pool of interchangeable chassis.
16 Jul 2015
Direct ChassisLink Inc. said it is temporarily restricting use of its intermodal chassis in the New York-New Jersey area to truckers hauling containers for three of DCLI’s main ocean carrier customers.
07 Jul 2015
The Port of New York and New Jersey handled record import container volume in May, the latest sign that diversion from West Coast ports is lingering months after their congestion cleared.
01 Jul 2015
The arrival of mega-ships is having a profound effect on port operations at all major U.S. gateways, but the biggest impact by far in terms of congestion is being felt in the two largest port complexes, Los Angeles-Long Beach and New York-New Jersey.
30 Jun 2015
New York officials are seeking a tenant to reactivate the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal, which recently was designated as part of the U.S. Maritime Administration’s Marine Highways initiative.
18 Jun 2015
Molly Campbell, former deputy executive director at the Port of Los Angeles, has been chosen to succeed Richard Larrabee, who is retiring after 15 years as director of the port commerce at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
09 Jun 2015
The new workers are expected to be hired and trained in time to help handle the annual import peak season in late summer and early fall, said John Nardi, president of the New York Shipping Association.