Port of Los Angeles

05 Feb 2016
Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Mario Cordero said he sympathizes with Los Angeles and Long Beach port users seeking less truck congestion and more transparency from the ports’ PierPass program for off-hours truck gates.
23 Nov 2015
Truckers calling in Los Angeles-Long Beach are experiencing the lowest in-terminal service times since longshore labor issues in the fall of 2014 created the worst port congestion in more than a decade, according to the organization that represents the 13 container terminals in the largest U.S. port complex.
23 Nov 2015
Beneficial cargo owners and truckers continue to challenge fees they incurred for the late pickup or return of containers during the West Coast port congestion problems this past year, but with decidedly mixed results.
18 Nov 2015
Reducing the amount of time that truckers spend waiting in line and being processed at North American marine terminals and off-dock facilities will have a larger impact on improving overall supply-chain efficiency than any other area, according to a study by a Vancouver transportation consultant.
14 Nov 2015
Eight months into operation of Southern California's "gray" chassis pool, the bugs are still being worked out.
12 Nov 2015
Containerized imports in Los Angeles declined 3.3 percent in October compared to October 2014, following a trend that saw West Coast ports losing some market share last month while East Coast ports gained.
03 Nov 2015
West Coast ports in September suffered a drop in container volume as well as import market share, but it is too early to determine if this is the beginning of a trend or just a one-month anomaly for ports that appeared to be recovering from the loss of business earlier in the year.
01 Nov 2015
The Teamsters union is eying California, a state with drivers clamoring for representation and a regulatory climate sympathetic to work misclassification, as a launching pad for a national drayage organizing push.
27 Oct 2015
The labor strife of the past year was so devastating to West Coast ports and their customers that no one, including the dockworkers union, wants that scenario to play out again in the 2019 negotiations, Noel Hacegaba, chief commercial officer at the Port of Long Beach.
21 Oct 2015
West Coast ports are perfectly capable of accommodating even greater cargo surges from big ships in the years ahead, but to do so they may have to turn to more exotic measures.
15 Oct 2015
Total container volume at the Port of Los Angeles declined 5.8 percent in September compared to the same month last year, with imports down 9.4 percent and exports declining 17.5 percent. Although Los Angeles in recent months has been regaining some of the market share it lost to East Coast ports during the 2014-15 West Coast labor dispute, volumes are still down 2.9 percent year-to-date from last year.
15 Oct 2015
The Port of Los Angeles has launched a supplemental environmental impact review of the China Shipping Container Line terminal to determine if some of the ambitious pollution-reduction measures in the earlier EIR should be revisited and possibly revised given the state of technology, and the already significant achievements in reducing pollution at the largest U.S. port.