Port of Los Angeles

15 Apr 2014
In the brutal war for cargo that is underway in today’s world of powerful shipping alliances, the last thing the Southern California ports want to do is subsidize competitors by helping them pay to deepen their ports, the president of the Long Beach Harbor Commission said yesterday.
Container ship entering the Port of Savannah.
20 Feb 2014
The Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex got off to a “flat” start in 2014, in contrast with the “strong” numbers posted by the ports of Savannah and Charleston in January.
10 Feb 2014
A chassis-shortage contagion that has plagued the three largest U.S. ports since late last year is a stark reminder to cargo interests, trucking companies and waterfront labor that the cozy world of ocean carrier-owned chassis has come to an end.
Ship near Oakland
04 Feb 2014
Container volumes moving through West Coast ports in 2013 increased 2 percent compared to 2012. Loaded import containers also increased 2 percent, as did loaded export containers, according to numbers posted on the website of the Pacific Maritime Association.
03 Feb 2014
A crisis of chassis dislocations has developed in Los Angeles-Long Beach, and the entire port community is seeking a solution before it spins out of control.
Train at Port of Long Beach
31 Jan 2014
The transloading of imported cargo from marine containers to domestic containers in Southern California increased sharply in 2013, but new data suggests transloading has hit a plateau and future growth will be incremental.
Port of Los Angeles
22 Jan 2014
The Port of Los Angeles may face threats from the Panama and Suez canals and ports in Canada and Mexico, but in terms of its ability to make payments on more than $700 million in debt...
Port of Los Angeles
20 Jan 2014
The Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex’s total container volume in December was 1.24 million TEUs, increasing 7.6 percent from 1.14 million TEUs in December 2012.
Log jam
06 Jan 2014
A shortage of skilled labor hampered container handling in Los Angeles-Long Beach on Monday, although the problem was expected to dissipate during the next couple of days as terminals worked their way out of the log jam that built up over the holidays.
Port of Los Angeles
06 Jan 2014
U.S. West Coast ports have arrived at a “crossroads” in 2014, according to the head of the Pacific Maritime Association.
Workers in Oakland
03 Jan 2014
West Coast employers in 2014 are bracing for what could be the most frustrating contract negotiations they’ve had with the powerful International Longshore and Warehouse Union in decades.