Port of Baltimore

26 Oct 2016
CSX Transportation and Ports America agreed to the hand-over in January.
Port of Baltimore
27 May 2015
Container traffic through the Port of Baltimore in April fell 8.8 percent year-over-year after a record March, Maryland Port Administration statistics show.
Port of Baltimore, Seagirt gate
31 Mar 2015
The Port of Baltimore will combine a $200,000 U.S. Transportation Department grant with $300,000 in state funds to continue a program subsidizing replacement of old drayage trucks with newer, less-polluting vehicles.
26 Mar 2015
Members of Baltimore’s largest International Longshoremen’s Association voted to end 18 months of uncertainty b
24 Mar 2015
Several dozen Baltimore dockworkers have filed a lawsuit challenging their national union’s takeover of their local chapter and dismissal of 500 new members before Wednesday’s referendum on a local contract.
20 Mar 2015
The largest International Longshoremen’s Association local in Baltimore will vote again March 25 on a local contract agreement that union and employer representatives hope will end months of confusion and controversy at the port.
20 Feb 2015
The Port of Baltimore handled record volumes of containers, automobiles and general cargo in 2014, the Maryland Port Administration reported.
18 Feb 2015
The largest International Longshoremen’s Association local in Baltimore rejected a tentative local contract that employers and ILA international officials had agreed upon in an effort to settle a 2-year-old labor standoff.