SSA Marine

Edward DeNike, president of SSA Containers, addresses an audience at the JOC’s TPM conference.
05 Mar 2014
LONG BEACH, Calif. — Ed DeNike has little confidence in drayage appointment systems at container terminals but says SSA Containers has speeded the flow of containers by sorting them for truckers to pick up as a block instead of one by one.
TraPac terminal in Jacksonville
06 Feb 2014
After more than five years of inertia in the marine terminal business, the industry is beginning to churn. Some investors who spent billions of dollars in the mid-2000s to buy into container terminals want out, while others see this as a good time to invest in the industry.
SSA Marine terminal cranes in Oakland
08 Jan 2014
Carrix Inc. is boosting its financial strength and positioning its SSA Marine subsidiary to react quickly to opportunities for container terminal, bulk terminal and rail facility expansion in North America and overseas.
Ships at a terminal
11 Nov 2013
A significant change in the relationship between shipping lines and marine terminal operators is under way, with carriers placing less emphasis on owning and operating their own facilities and more emphasis on reducing costs and preserving capital.
Oakland harbor truckers
31 Jul 2013
Port of Oakland executives are stepping up their efforts to reduce the congestion at marine terminals that has made life miserable for harbor truckers during much of July.
12 Jul 2013
The Port of Oakland’s board of commissioners has unanimously approved a lawsuit settlement that could produce the port’s first super-sized terminal.
12 Jul 2013
A work stoppage that shut down the SSA Marine terminal at the Port of Oakland for one shift this week apparently was in v