Hutchison Port Holdings

Hutchison Port Holdings, a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based investment company Hutchison Whampoa Limited, is a major port investor, developer and operator.

Founded in 1994, the company has terminal operations in countries around the world, including Asia, Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, Central America, North America and South America, including Hongkong International Terminals, Lazaro Cardenas Terminal Portuaria de Contenedores in Mexico, Panama Ports Co., and an array of Europe Container Terminals operations. In 2012, HPH’s port network handled a combined throughput of 76.8 million 20-foot-equivalent units.

HPH also has expanded internationally into other areas, including cargo security (Loadstar), logistics (including Hutchison Logistics in Hong Kong), airport operations and ship repair.

24 Aug 2016
Hutchison Port Holdings expects to open a second container terminal in Pakistan by October.
26 Oct 2015
Hutchison Port Holdings Trust said its profit excluding non-recurring items rose 3 percent during the year’s first nine months, despite sluggish U.S. and European container volume that shows no sign of a quick rebound.
21 Oct 2015
Global terminal operators are eying three private container facilities — even as the Brazilian government trudges through a $2.6 billion plan to sell off existing and new port concessions.
08 Oct 2015
Hutchison Ports Australia (HPA) and the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) today agreed to extend conciliation talks until November as both sides try to find a way out of a bitter dispute that exploded after 97 workers were fired in early August.
25 Sep 2015
The Port of Barcelona has announced a deal with Hutchison Port Holdings to extend the current 30-year concession HPH holds for operating Barcelona Europe South Terminal by 15 years in exchange for the operator investing $6.5 billion in automation to boost productivity, according to local newspapers.
28 Aug 2015
Hutchison Ports Australia and the Maritime Union of Australia agreed Friday to return to the negotiating table, preventing a looming court action and paving the way to an end of a bitter fight over layoffs at Hutchinson’s Brisbane and Sydney terminals.
14 Aug 2015
An Australian federal court Thursday granted a temporary injunction preventing Hutchison Ports Australia from making 97 dockworkers in Brisbane and Sydney redundant, allowing the workers to return to work after they had been locked out earlier this month.
12 Aug 2015
The Maritime Union of Australia has taken legal action in federal court against Hutchison Port Holdings’ decision to terminate 97 members of its 222-strong Australian.
10 Aug 2015
Union picketing is disrupting operations at Hutchison Ports Australia’s terminals in Sydney and Brisbane, even after the terminal operator denied accusations that it slashed workers at its facilities to bring in more automation.
07 Aug 2015
Hutchison Port Holdings will close its Sydney terminal three years after entering the Australian market, and has locked out workers at the facility and its Brisbane terminal.
05 Aug 2015
Hutchison Port Holdings is facing labor backlash on multiple fronts in Australia over plans to slash its workforce and turn to automation in a bid to cut costs, spurring work stoppages for four hours on July 30 in Brisbane and August 3 in Sydney.
05 May 2015
The cargo of the world’s largest retailer contributes to the slightly more than 200 20-foot-equivalent units hauled on the Kansas City Southern network weekly from the port of Lazaro Cardenas to its Houston area intermodal terminal