International Longshore and Warehouse Union

07 Feb 2017
Cargo-handling at Los Angeles and Long Beach could be compromised without an infusion of new workers.
24 Jul 2015
Two months after the International Longshore and Warehouse Union contract was approved by the membership of the union and the Pacific Maritime Association, the Port of Oakland is a mess, with an acute shortage of labor causing extensive delays for truckers and shippers, resulting in cargo diversions to Southern California.
20 Jul 2015
A recently-launched Federal Maritime Commission Section 15 investigation of a terminal operators discussion agreement could have a chilling effect on the mandatory inspection of chassis by International Longshore and Warehouse Union mechanics at West Coast ports.
17 Jul 2015
A union representing machinists is challenging the Long Beach Harbor Commission over a requirement that maintenance and repair work associated with the port’s proposed peak-season chassis pool be performed by International Longshore and Warehouse Union mechanics.
17 Jul 2015
TRAC Intermodal, one of the largest chassis-leasing companies on the West Coast, threw a monkey wrench into a controversial clause in the new International Longshore and Warehouse Union contract by refusing to pay for mandatory roadability inspections by the union.
09 Jul 2015
A ruling by the National Labor Relations Board in a jurisdictional dispute between the West Coast longshoremen and a union representing machinists could result in a number of job gains and millions of dollars in back wages and benefits for the latter if it is upheld on appeal.
07 Jul 2015
Skilled longshoremen are not showing up for work in the numbers they should be at the Port of Oakland, contributing to vessel backlogs and longer truck turn times, president of the Pacific Maritime Association said.
06 Jul 2015
A dockworker labor shortage at the Port of Oakland that is frustrating shippers and carriers is expected to continue into August, threatening the peak-shipping season, even though the registration of 100 new longshoremen is underway.
29 Jun 2015
U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez said Monday that bills before Congress seeking to avoid lengthy negotiations marked by slowdowns and employer retaliation that recently plagued West Coast ports aren’t the answer.
27 Jun 2015
The International Longshore and Warehouse Union doesn’t buy ocean carriers’ explanation that they stopped providing chassis to truckers and cargo interests in order to save money, said Bobby Olvera, president of ILWU Local 13 in Southern California.
27 Jun 2015
U.S. agriculture shouldn’t expect dramatic improvements in cargo-handling productivity to come out of the new West Coast longshore contract, said Ed DeNike, chief operating officer at SSA Marine, said the contract itself will not deliver productivity.
19 Jun 2015
Critics of the five-year contract ratified in May by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association say the benefits were weighted heavily in favor of the union, but PMA President Jim McKenna says that wasn’t the case at all.