Montreal Port Authority

04 Oct 2016
Drayage drivers serving the Port of Montreal can track terminal wait times via a new app.
Ports in Canada are still finalizing their SOLAS VGM processes
08 Jun 2016
Like their U.S. counterparts, Canadian exporters know some but not all of the details of how individual container terminals will cope with a new international container weight rule.
11 Sep 2015
Police have made several arrests and recovered roughly a third of the silver valued at $10 million that was stolen in a daring container heist from the Port of Montreal last week, according to reports.
06 Aug 2015
The Port of Montreal is on a roll. Not only is it enjoying strong increases in cargo volumes last year and in the first half of this year, but it is also getting a big investment by the Quebec government to build the infrastructure it needs to handle future growth.