European Ports

European Ports

Latest news and analysis on Europe's ports, including Rotterdam and Antwerp.


Amid the deluge of year-end statistics highlighting the yawning economic gap between the European Union’s more solid northern member states and its debt-stricken southern half there’s one that looks, at first glance, like a mistake — container traffic.

News & Analysis

25 Nov 2014
Hamburg increased container traffic by 6.4 percent in the first three quarters, closing the gap with Rotterdam, the European market leader, and stretching its lead over third-ranked Antwerp.
24 Nov 2014
With worsening delays at the Port of Hamburg, port leaders are hoping that newly formed alliances will improve on-time arrivals while at the same time seeking ways to improve the flow of containers to and from the hinterland.
24 Nov 2014
The port of Antwerp is at a standstill as dockers stage a 24-hour strike to protest the Belgian government’s austerity program aimed at reducing the country’s soaring national debt.
20 Nov 2014
In an effort to reduce congestion caused by mega-vessels, the Port of Hamburg has launched an initiative to better coordinate the handling of the vessels — even before they make their way up the estuary of the Elbe river.
19 Nov 2014
Peel Ports CEO Mark Whitworth says a $480 million container port rising along the river Mersey will provide the port of Liverpool with “a fantastic opportunity to take back its national market share.”
13 Nov 2014
HHLA’s container traffic stalled in the first nine months of the year as Western sanctions against Moscow sharply pulled down feeder traffic from its Hamburg terminals to its key Russian market.
11 Nov 2014
Facing a wave of surcharges tied to congestion at major global ports, European shippers are urging container lines to reduce the surcharges and include them in a single negotiable rate when possible.
07 Nov 2014
The port of Antwerp is soliciting proposals from companies interested in operating a liquefied natural gas bunkering station, in order to meet growing global demand for the alternative fuel.
07 Nov 2014
Europe’s top container ports are hunkering down for a potentially tumultuous 2015 dominated by a growing capacity glut and slowing cargo growth that will make the congestion of the past year appear like a minor irritant.
05 Nov 2014
The terminal at the center of the congestion crisis in Rotterdam over the summer has just set a new port record for the number of containers loaded on and off a ship at Europe’s largest container hub.