Port of Busan

Port of Shanghai
12 Mar 2014
Carriers’ schedule reliability from Shanghai to Oakland, Calif., showed the greatest variation in eastbound Asia-to-Southern California route performances...
03 Feb 2014
Supply chain operators claim intra-Asia cargo shipped to China via South Korean ports is being hit with unnecessary delays and tariffs that could be part of a Chinese strategy to reduce reliance on foreign transshipment ports.
"Sister port" deal signing in South Korea.
07 Nov 2013
Representatives from California’s Port of Long Beach and South Korea’s Busan Port Authority have signed a “sister port” agreement to enable the exchange of...
Maersk McKinney Moller container ship, Triple E
09 Jul 2013
South Korea’s port of Busan is making preparations for the maiden call of a Maersk Triple E container vessel next week.
23 Jun 2013
Geoje Island in South Korea is an unlikely catalyst for major changes in how global trade is conducted. Tourists flock to its rolling tree-clad mounts to hike through the spring blossoms. But nestled among the hills in Ogpo Bay sits one of the world’s largest shipyards.
30 May 2013
The Port of Busan is taking the significant threat and competition for Asian transshipment cargo about as serious as a port can, and responding aggressively by boosting capacity and facilities.
24 May 2013
Hanjin Shipping’s Busan container terminal and the turnaround times it affords are enough to make eyes water.
Port of Busan, South Korea
14 May 2013
The Busan Port Authority recently completed a review of productivity at 10 container terminals as part of a plan to increase the port’s competitiveness.