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Gwadar, Pakistan port growth lags as challenges mount 13 Dec 2016
New terminal to help Melbourne protect spot as top Australian port 13 Dec 2016
Asia Maritime Pacific expands Atlantic coverage with Sono merger 13 Dec 2016
Cyclone-hit Chennai Port remains shut 13 Dec 2016
What shippers need to know about new US port bill 12 Dec 2016
IRISL mega-ship order highlights its path from regional to global player 12 Dec 2016
Reform of LA-LB ports' PierPass seen in flat fee or portwde peel-off 12 Dec 2016
Cyclone closes port of Chennai 12 Dec 2016
US toy imports to hit six-year high, IHS Markit forecasts 12 Dec 2016
Online platform looks to shake up Indian shipping 12 Dec 2016
Ports America backs proposed port at Sydney, Nova Scotia 12 Dec 2016
Rickmers Maritime to scrap youngest container ship ever 12 Dec 2016
Japan's ailing top three liners get government aid 12 Dec 2016
China buys majority stake in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port 12 Dec 2016
LTL truckers ride into new era and challenges 11 Dec 2016
No 2M for HMM as slot deal signed with Maersk, MSC 11 Dec 2016
Warehousing, logistics demand rising on US-Mexico border 09 Dec 2016
Customs officers plan to cripple Brazilian ports next week 09 Dec 2016
NY-NJ terminal tests truck appointments 09 Dec 2016
Swift says US freight volumes rising, but not truck rates 09 Dec 2016
Russian terminal operators hike rates despite investigations 09 Dec 2016
Trans-Pacific spot market enters winter lull 09 Dec 2016
Jawaharlal Nehru dwell time reductions gain momentum 09 Dec 2016
Rickmers Maritime to try again to gain restructuring support 09 Dec 2016
Focus on container flow, not cost-cutting, to heal ailing industry 09 Dec 2016
Steady rise in Asia-Europe spot rates that pass $1,000 mark 09 Dec 2016
Miami terminals seek alliance to jointly cooperate with container lines 08 Dec 2016
US truck lobby urges broader use of TWIC card 08 Dec 2016
US export gains shield Central America trade deal under Trump 08 Dec 2016
Pork powers Brazil meat export growth 08 Dec 2016