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Russia's slowdown hitting ports of Baltic neighbors 07 Sep 2015
Jawaharlal Nehru strike flattens Indian port volume growth 08 Sep 2015
Grupo Libra poised to invest in Santos as port authority dispute ends 08 Sep 2015
APM Terminals to acquire Spanish container terminal operator 08 Sep 2015
Gdansk port volume drops by double digits amid expansion 08 Sep 2015
Maersk to slash West Central Asia-Europe capacity 08 Sep 2015
Landstar freight volume rises, but revenue per load drops 08 Sep 2015
Productivity legislation wouldn’t be too costly for ports, Uncle Sam 08 Sep 2015
No summer slowdown for ODFL as shipments, tonnage leap 08 Sep 2015
Peak season takes hold on Asia-Europe, trans-Pacific lanes 08 Sep 2015
Only way is up as trans-Pacific lines plan series of westbound rate hikes 09 Sep 2015
China slowdown will hit box-makers in second half, CIMC says 09 Sep 2015
Threat of UPS pilot strike rises 09 Sep 2015
India considers ports exclusively for coastal shipping 09 Sep 2015
Exec widely seen as Ward successor leaves CSX 09 Sep 2015
US retailers raise peak-season import forecast 09 Sep 2015
Tanjung Perak port works to boost productivity as volume rises 09 Sep 2015
Russia, China look to expand containerized rail partnership with new logistics centers 09 Sep 2015
European trucker Waberer's expands as demand grows 09 Sep 2015
New container leasing company launched 09 Sep 2015
Rx for North Europe ports handling mega-ships: More automation 09 Sep 2015
XPO Logistics to buy Con-way for $3 billion 09 Sep 2015
Hong Kong startup launches freight forwarding platform 09 Sep 2015
Delays for LA-LB truckers worst inside terminal, not at gates 09 Sep 2015
Asia’s food retailers forecast fast-expanding business, DHL finds 09 Sep 2015
Pakistan, India have big plans to expand trade corridors 10 Sep 2015
Korean carrier joins joint intra-Asia services 10 Sep 2015
Fresh from car-hauler talks, Teamsters back UAW 10 Sep 2015
Cosco ramps up mega-ship ambitions with order for 11 vessels 10 Sep 2015
Effort to keep Brazilian port ministry independent gains powerful ally 10 Sep 2015