EAST GERMAN FARMERS HAVE A PROBLEM. When the farmers stoop to tend their crops, their pants slide down so low that their behinds peek out, according to the Unser Dorf (Our Village), an East Berlin-based newspaper that covers rural affairs.

The farmers have complained to the ruling Communist Party about the shoddy quality of the state-produced trousers. Unser Dorf quoted the chairman and party secretary of the Reinholdshain Agricultural Cooperative, near Dresden, as saying the tops of the pants are too short and consequently they end up (no pun intended) resting on the farmers' hips instead of their waists.The state-controlled East Berlin newspaper said the cooperative protested against excessive economizing in the use of fabrics in making the trousers.

From the newspaper account it appears that the farmers' wives were not asked to comment. Nor did the reporter ask if the farmers' daughters wore trousers when they work in the field. Reporters for the San Francisco Chronicle and New York Post, to name but two Western newspapers, would have been more enterprising.

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