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Dear Readers,

For almost 200 years The Journal of Commerce has created content that has been valued by our readers.  Today JOC Group Inc. is taking an important step in the continued investment of our flagship JOC brand by opening up all JOC.com content to be accessible free of charge on a limited usage basis.

For our existing valued JOC Members, nothing will change. Simply log in and continue benefiting from full access to JOC.com.

All visitors to the site may access up to five (5) free articles every thirty (30) days. After exceeding this limit, visitors will be asked to subscribe for only $3.82/wk to gain unlimited access.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our subscription service.

As CEO, I am committed to deploying the very best technology in order to deliver the most timely market information to our readers.  I believe this next chapter is a significant step towards this goal.


Gavin Carter
CEO, JOC Group
@Gavin Carter