Social Media Analytics

Track your social network accounts like you would track web performance via the JOC social network analytics application, powered by Social Report.

Monitor your social network activity, while managing your marketing initiatives, with powerful insight into your social accounts with intuitive, thorough, visual reports. Increase relevant aspects of your social presence, maximizing your return on investment (ROI).   

Compare your social accounts and understand the differences among them when it comes to their impact on your business. Track detailed demographic information including geography, likes/follows & user interests.


  • Create an easy-to-follow address book of all social media connections, including history and notes. This includes all interactions, and is not restrictive to likes/follows
  • Daily email overview of all new activity concerning your accounts
  • Monitor trending topics, keywords and key influencers
  • Measure ROI, by tracking your campaign conversions

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Let the JOC Marketing Services team help you to put together a campaign that fits your marketing needs:

• Tony Stein, Publisher
West, Gulf, Midwest & Europe
P: 678.456.8530/

• Cindy Cronin, Senior Account Manager
Canada, Midwest, Pacific North West, South Carolina and Florida
P: 954.551.8305 / E:

• Greg March, Asia Director
P: +852.2585.6119 / E:

• Zach Gorman, Sales and Marketing Associate
Northeast, JOC Sailings & Reprints/Classifieds
P:973.776.7820 / E:

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