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Detailed data analysis on U.S. container trade (in TEUs) by country, region, commodity, and economic indicators. Plus, forecasts on top commodities including factors affecting regional imports and exports.
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See which U.S. ports are gaining or losing container traffic in TEU's by trade lane. You get detailed updates of worldwide imports and exports through the top 25 U.S. ports along with container traffic forecasts by region.

Mario Moreno
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Mario Moreno is senior economist with IHS Maritime & Trade, the division within IHS that also includes The Journal of Commerce and PIERS. Prior to joining the JOC, he worked for independent research firm Dealogic as a fixed-income analyst and prior to that as a financial consultant for RBC Wealth Management. In his current role, Moreno is lead researcher and writer for the quarterly JOC Container Forecast, the quarterly JOC Port Forecast, and the monthly JOC Insights, a multimodal, data-driven analytical newsletter. These duties combine with his special interest in forecast development.

Marsha Salisbury
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As research editor for The Journal of Commerce, Marsha Salisbury has a pulse on the vast majority of data that flows through the company’s content outlets. She works closely with sister company PIERS to develop industry-leading databases, including The Top 100 Importers and Exporters ranking, the quarterly Top 40 Container Carriers, the annual Top 50 Global Container Ports and regional reports on East, West and Gulf ports. She also develops The Journal of Commerce magazine’s By the Numbers section, and produces quarterly reports ranking U.S. container ports and container carriers operating in the U.S. trades. Marsha joined the JOC in 1995 as manager of marketing and sales administration and has held positions related to JOC Events and promotion. Prior to joining the JOC, she held marketing positions with Kerr Steamship, Neptune Orient Lines and NYK Line.