Short-Sea Shipping

Short-Sea Shipping

Coverage of barge and cargo shipping, as well as the coastal trade industry.


Through much of the 1990s and early 2000s, short-sea shipping was the next great thing for U.S. ports. Then it got forced into the shadows. Why the Marine Highway is stuck in reverse, and why we need to give it a better shot.

News & Analysis

19 Oct 2014
Growing U.S.-Mexico trade has attracted a new player into the sparse short-sea market connecting the two countries, with a service aimed at the U.S. Southeast market for northbound cargo.
08 Oct 2014
U.S. oil refiners want to eliminate the Jones Act’s U.S.-flag requirements for domestic shipping “for only one reason – so refiners can make even larger profits,” said Tom Allegretti, president of the American Waterway Operators
New England Marine Highway Project's articulated tug barge
01 Oct 2014
A preliminary vessel design has been unveiled for a proposed domestic short sea container service connecting New York City and Portland, Maine.
30 Sep 2014
The Middle East-based short sea shipping line Admiral Feeders has introduced a direct feeder link between India and Iran.
ship in Black Sea
19 Sep 2014
DFDS, one of Europe’s largest short sea-shipping and logistics operators, this week announced plans to close a second route in response to tougher environmental regulations that will sharply increase the cost of ships’ fuel from 2015.
09 Sep 2014
Shreyas Shipping and Logistics has expanded its coastal service network in India by launching a dedicated service between
05 Sep 2014
Crimson Shipping Co., which operates Jones Act roll-on/roll-off combination warehouse and deck bargees, said it will begi
DFDS short-sea shipping in Lithuania
04 Sep 2014
The once buoyant Baltic shipping market faces further declines in cargo volumes as the European Union prepares to tighten economic sanctions against Russia.
02 Sep 2014
European short-sea shipping volumes could fall as much as 10 percent in the next several years as new emission regulations take effect.
27 Aug 2014
Officials at the Port of Hueneme hope that a new funding bill will help them become more competitive in years to come.