Short-Sea Shipping

Short-Sea Shipping

Coverage of barge and cargo shipping, as well as the coastal trade industry.


Through much of the 1990s and early 2000s, short-sea shipping was the next great thing for U.S. ports. Then it got forced into the shadows. Why the Marine Highway is stuck in reverse, and why we need to give it a better shot.

News & Analysis

22 Apr 2015
India and Bangladesh agreed to extend an earlier protocol dealing with “inland water transit and trade” cooperation between the two countries, with provision for automatic renewal in line with a proposed amendment to the Bangladesh-India trade agreement, the Indian Ministry of Shipping said in a written statement.
20 Apr 2015
Five more Chinese ports can now allow foreign-flag vessels to provide cabotage services to their container terminals.
10 Apr 2015
India-Bangladesh cross-border trade received a major fillip with the introduction of a new coastal shipping service between the two neighboring nations.
27 Mar 2015
A leading European barge operator will levy a congestion surcharge on containers shipped to and from Rotterdam next week.
17 Mar 2015
In an attempt to reduce port bottlenecks, the Narendra Modi-led Indian government has approved a special state-aid scheme for the construction of new infrastructure suitable for handling coastal vessels at publicly owned major ports.
26 Feb 2015
DFDS's pre-tax profit soared 56 percent in 2014, driven by increased short sea traffic on its key North Sea trades and reduced losses on the English Channel.
30 Jan 2015
Sen. John McCain’s amendment to repeal a key provision of the Jones Act failed to make it into a Senate-passed bill authorizing construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.
14 Jan 2015
Eurotunnel unveiled plans for a 20 percent increase in freight capacity through the sub-sea rail tunnel linking the UK and France to keep pace with growing cross-Channel traffic.
12 Jan 2015
The St. Lawrence Seaway handled 40 million metric tons of cargo in 2014, its highest volume since 2008, as rail congestion caused grain exporters to ship more cargo by water
02 Jan 2015
Short sea container lines and feeder operators in northern Europe are bracing for bankruptcies, shotgun sales and shuttered services in the coming months following the introduction of tough ship emission regulations that will significantly increase fuel costs on some of the world’s busiest shipping routes.