Maritime Piracy

News & Analysis

28 Apr 2016
The decline in global piracy continued into the first quarter, but attacks are rising in some parts of the world.
07 Apr 2016
Senior maritime and transport officials in Ghana identified piracy and corruption as central challenges in the development of an efficient port and supply chain network in West Africa.
08 Feb 2016
Nigeria’s navy has secured the release of the Safmarine Kuramo from pirates that hijacked the vessel Friday as it made its way from Pointe Noire, Congo to Onne, Nigeria.
27 Aug 2015
Malaysia and Indonesia are working together to fight rising piracy in Southeast Asia less than a week after six attacks, two targeting containerships, occurred within 48 hours, according to a report.
24 Aug 2015
Underscoring Southeast Asia’s new role as the world’s piracy hot spot, pirates attacked six vessels, including two container ships, in the straits of Malacca and Singapore Friday and Saturday
31 Jul 2015
With piracy on the rise again, particularly in Southeast Asia, security professionals are recommending conducting more intensive screening of ship crews to create one less possible avenue for criminal elements to gain access to ships.
21 Jul 2015
Japan will extend its Self-Defense Forces six-year-old anti-piracy mission in the Gulf of Aden for another year despite a sharp decline in the number of pirate attacks there.
22 Jun 2015
Most attacks on ships in Southeast Asian waters are armed robbery, not piracy, the Singapore Shipping Association says.
19 Jun 2015
When it comes to piracy, carriers must balance the speeds and routes their vessels take with crew safety and delivering maximum efficiency to clients.
12 Jun 2015
Shippers have plenty to worry about — including volatile pricing and cargo delays — but piracy should be less of a concern, as the number of incidents has been falling since 2010.