In 2013, we can expect threats to the security of our maritime supply chains, known and unknown, to persist. Changes in maritime security training regimes that will strengthen the professional competence of merchant mariners and port facility personnel to deal with these hazards are under way.

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11 Apr 2014
The International Labor Organization voted to support amending an international labor convention by requiring shipowners to provide financial security to compensate seafarers abandoned at ports away from their native countries.
27 Mar 2014
Striking truck drivers late yesterday reached an agreement with Port Metro Vancouver, the federal government of Canada and the provincial government of British Columbia...
24 Mar 2014
Truck traffic at Port Metro Vancouver continued to increase over the weekend, but still remained below normal as the maritime community anticipated introduction of back-to-work legislation today...
TSI Deltaport
20 Mar 2014
With few signs of striking truckers and Port Metro Vancouver reaching a deal, the provincial government of British Columbia said it will introduce back-to-work legislation as soon as March 24.
Vancouver trucks
20 Mar 2014
In an effort to turn up the heat on striking truckers, Port Metro Vancouver has announced it will not renew port-issued licenses and permits that are set to expire soon...
TSI Deltaport
19 Mar 2014
U.S. Customs and Border Protection says cargo diverted to U.S. Pacific Northwest ports because of the truck driver strike in Vancouver, British Columbia...
18 Mar 2014
Port Metro Vancouver edged closer today to suspending and possibly revoking the licenses of the striking truck drivers who are crippling commerce at Canada’s largest port.
TSI Deltaport
17 Mar 2014
The delivery of local imported cargo at Port Metro Vancouver is being interrupted as the standoff between striking truckers and the Canadian government showed no signs of ending today.
14 Mar 2014
Union and non-union truck drivers at Port Metro Vancouver today were reviewing the 14-point action plan...
Containers at Port Metro Vancouver
14 Mar 2014
Canadian National Railway today obtained an injunction against striking union and non-union truck groups that will prevent their drivers from blocking access...