The Answer to Creating Your DMLC Part II

The Answer to Creating Your DMLC Part II

Apr 24, 2013

In response to the fact that the MLC-2006 will be enforced worldwide from 20th August 2013, Rood Boven Groen has designed a web application to pave the road through the certification process and slash implementation time considerably. The development of this application took place in close cooperation with flag state authorities.

This web application — the MLC-2006 Document Generator ( — offers a fast and simple way for shipowners to create their ship specific DMLC Part II.

The user is guided by leading questions through the 14 compulsory parts of the DMLC Part II.

Apart from showing the Regulations of the MLC-2006 Code, this MLC-2006 Document Generator offers:

  • The possibility to view flag specific regulations and implement these into the DMLC Part II;
  • Simple and easy download of all applicable and available forms and documents;
  • The possibility to send the created DMLC Part II online to Class for review and commenting;
  • Extensive information in order to prepare for Class inspections and Port State Controls onboard.

The MLC-2006 Document Generator is continuously being updated by the staff of Rood Boven Groen and new flag states are added as and when these have implemented MLC-2006 into their national legislation.

The MLC-2006 Document Generator allows its users to save 80% of their time, and thus money, on researching through all applicable regulations.

After answering all leading questions the user has completed all compulsory parts of the DMLC Part II and the document can be sent to Class for certification.

List of abbreviations:

MLC = Maritime Labour Convention

DMLC = Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance

ILO = International Labour Organization