09 Feb 2017
Rickmers did not give financial details of the transaction.
26 Jan 2017
Rickmers Maritime has sold its second container ship for scrap in as many months.
21 Dec 2016
Rickmers Maritime Trust’s future became even bleaker Wednesday.
12 Dec 2016
Rickmers Maritime Trust confirmed it is selling the youngest ship ever for scrap.
09 Dec 2016
The trustee-manager canceled a Nov. 9 vote on restructuring a bond because there were insufficient bondholders to form a quorum.
22 Nov 2016
Rickmers Maritime failed to meet the final deadline for an interest payment today, further fueling doubts about the survival of the Singapore-based container ship owner.
21 Nov 2016
Singapore owner-charterer was split from holding company last month.
15 Nov 2016
Rickmers Maritime Trust failed to make an interest payment due Tuesday, pushing the Singapore-based Panamax container ship owner closer to the brink of insolvency.
11 Nov 2016
Rickmers Group posted sharply reduced earnings and revenue in the first nine months of 2016.
09 Nov 2016
Rickmers Maritime Trust cancelled Wednesday’s scheduled meeting of bondholders that was due to vote on a restructuring plan.
31 Oct 2016
Rickmers Maritime Trust plunged to a net loss in the third quarter from a profit a year earlier.
18 Oct 2016
The group has disposed of its entire 34.2 percent stake.