P3 Network

Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Co. and CMA CGM have announced plans to form a long-term alliance on the major east-west trades.

The P3 Network alliance will operate a fleet of 255 ships with a total capacity of 2.6 million 20-foot-equivalent units on 28 service loops on Asia-Europe, trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic routes.

The world’s three largest ocean carriers plan to launch the network in July 2014, subject to regulatory approval. The lines in October 2013 released initial plans for service loops and port rotations.

JOC Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer Peter Tirschwell earlier this year offered an analysis of what the announcement of the P3 Network tells us about the state of the global container shipping industry.

Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller
23 Apr 2014
What is today a small club of carriers operating or having ordered 18,000-TEU ships or larger is likely to grow, but not necessarily overnight, as carriers intensify their focus on reducing costs without regard to greater market or infrastructure implications.
03 Jan 2014
WASHINGTON — The non-voting U.S. House of Representatives delegate from American Samoa has raised concerns that people may be reluctant to criticize the proposed P3 Network because the three largest global container lines “carry significant weight and influence.”
Majestic Maersk in Copenhagen
27 Dec 2013
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18 Dec 2013
P3 carriers are betting their proposed network if allowed to proceed in the spring as planned won’t draw the ire of European Union antitrust authorities long after deployment.
16 Dec 2013
Will there be a CKYH-E?
Two figures meeting in private
13 Dec 2013
WASHINGTON — The Federal Maritime Commission will hold its regulatory summit focused on carrier alliances on Tuesday in Washington with its counterparts from the European Union and China, but the majority of the summit won’t be open to the public.
10 Dec 2013
The European Union’s top transport official has lent his support to the P3 Network between Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Co. and CMA CGM as a counterweight to the growing industrial might of China.
09 Dec 2013
The G6 Alliance laid out an aggressive blueprint for expanding in the U.S. market, saying it could establish a joint operations center similar to the P3 alliance and could jointly negotiate for terminal space, shipbuilding, as well as barge, transshipment and other services.
09 Dec 2013
U.S. and Chinese shipper groups are urging their respective regulators to block the proposed P3 Network, arguing the top three global container lines will reduce competition by controlling too much capacity on major trade lanes.
Thumbnail for G6 v P3 infographic
05 Dec 2013
The G6 Alliance is taking steps to counter the planned P3 Network in a battle for east-west dominance.
05 Dec 2013
The majority of public comments sent to the Federal Maritime Commission regarding the proposed P3 Network were supportive of the vessel-sharing alliance among the world’s three largest global container lines.
05 Dec 2013
WASHINGTON — The Federal Maritime Commission today voted to ask the three largest global container lines for more informa