Selway's New Order

CriticizedI have been in shipping for 42 years as a merchant seaman, shipbroker and shipowner and I must say Michael Selway (JofC Oct. 14) has got to be one of the last people on earth who can question anybody's common sense.

He is quite obviously an accountant type, submerged in numbers and statistics, with only a superficial knowledge of shipping and no understanding whatsoever of human nature to think his new order could be imposed on the world's shipping industry.

Mr. Selway must be shipping's answer to A.J. Volstead and his prohibition act. But I thank him for giving me a good laugh.

James G. Dunaif New York City

Reports on Best

Attract Much Interest

We have been following the reports about the Best's rating with interest. We are very pleased that this report is being presented.

Robert L. Curry President, CEO Cuna Mutual Insurance Society Madison, Wis.

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