CORAZON COJUANGCOS AQUINO is in the United States. This brave lady, who chose to run for and win the presidency of the Philippines after her husband was assassinated, has become one of the truly inspiring leaders of the free world.

She is already much admired. But we predict that in the short time that she will be in the United States she will also win the hearts of the nation. Mrs. Aquino was one of 14 members of the class of 1949 to graduate from Notre Dame Convent School, a small Roman Catholic high school in New York City. The editors of the yearbook said this of her: Beneath the gentle manner lie a friendly disposition and a quiet charm that make her an indispensable part of our group.It's important that Mrs. Aquino and the Philippines continue to be an indispensable part of the free world.

Mrs. Aquino's objective here in the United States is to gain greater economic support from this country. The political turmoil resulting from the Marcos ouster has added to the economic instability of the country. Sugar, a staple export of the country, is in surplus in the world. A runaway population growth of over 2.5 percent a year means over 750,000 graduates join the job market each year.

We are certain that President Reagan, whose strong support of her election permitted her to ultimately overthrow President Marcos, will continue to prove to be a strong ally in gaining funds for the Philippines.

Ultimately, however, Mrs. Aquino, who is good about appeasing almost everyone, must be more forthright on how she is going to treat the business community, both domestic and foreign. Her problem is not with President Reagan or the U.S. government. Her problem is with the U.S. business community and her own country's business community. All the respect and admiration for Mrs. Aquino aside, what business people want to know is that their investments will have a good chance of making money and will be secure.

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