International Trade News

A sudden double-digit hike in fuel prices is hammering Mexican trucking companies and shippers -- but it's not their only problem.

Should the US slap punitive tariffs on goods made in China, Beijing would certainly retaliate with measures of its own, heightening the prospects of a trade war.

A trade war between the United States and China will have no winners, the Chinese president told world leaders in Davos.

Brazilian beef producer Minerva Foods is expanding internationally on the back of a US regulatory ruling.

The China Cosco Shipping Group will receive $26 billion for Belt and Road investments and reforming of state-owned enterprises.

Sweden’s top port of Gothenburg must invest in deepening its access channel and container berths to remain a leading Nordic hub amid increased competition.

Elaine Chao's measured responses signal shippers and transport providers shouldn’t expect massive infrastructure upgrades soon.

Shippers hoping to tap the small but growing Alaska market may eventually gain new access via an Arctic deep-draft port.

India has kicked off a major investment summit heavily focused on the country's Sagar Mala port modernization program.

Mexico’s top two container ports have ambitions of being alternatives for US-bound imports.