International Trade News

The longer-term trend is one of slowing growth.

The two “high-standard” gantry cranes will be at the RC6 and RC7 berths on Rokko Island.

Inefficient operations at Tanjung Priok and regular traffic around the port adds significant costs to supply chains.

The East Hope Group is a formidable aluminium producer, with some 150 subsidiaries and 24,000 employees.

Canadian shippers and the head of Canada’s largest port have argued monetizing the country’s 18 port authorities could increase port user fees, limit public oversight, and threaten investment in waterside infrastructure.

Port sector consolidation in China is expected to accelerate this year.

India’s container trade is expected to grow at a faster pace in the coming months.

Despite relatively good demand across most major regions, terminal operators say they expect pressure on margins.

The new track will also help raise rail’s share of hinterland container traffic.

The port also plans to boost its logistics business to exploit growing demand for just-in-time deliveries that resulted in Amazon deciding to locate its largest UK fulfillment center on the site.