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Unlike the good old days when there was an abundance of bank loans, investors and lenders attending Marine Money Week in June in New York were looking at all kinds of new instruments that could secure their investments against the kind of loan losses that wrecked the balance sheets of European ship finance banks over the last few years.

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07 Apr 2014
Foreign investment in the five founding members of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, last year topped $128.4 billion, five times the 2001 level, Merrill Lynch economist Chua Hak Bin said in a report carried today by the South China Morning Post.
25 Mar 2014
DVB Bank, one of the leading financiers to the international transport sector, today posted a decline of almost 12 percent its net income for 2013 as it made record loss provisions for loans to the crisis-hit maritime industry, including container shipping.
25 Feb 2014
When Nebraska-based Daycos began automating its freight invoice processes in the 1990s, most of its customer base of moving and storage companies weren’t getting paid until 30 to 45 days after filing their invoices.
25 Feb 2014
While wide-ranging financial institutions are becoming more active in automated freight payments, more traditional, often dedicated providers of such services such as Cass, Ultra Logistics and CT Logistics are surviving by focusing on the intricacies of managing customers’ transportation spending.
Building sinking offshore
11 Dec 2013
Germany’s top eight ship financiers face up to €16 billion euros ($22 billion) in credit losses in 2014 as an increasing number of shipping companies face difficulties in repaying their loans, according to Moody’s Investors Service.
16 Jul 2013
Trading in container freight contracts on Shanghai’s Shipping Freight Exchange has collapsed to the lowest level since the platform was launched just over two years ago, as extreme volatility on the spot market has forced traders to shun futures, industry analyst Alphaliner said.
20 Jun 2013
India’s Kerala government has signed loan and project agreements with the World Bank to receive $216 million for the Second Kerala State Transport Project.
23 May 2013
Germany’s HSH Nordbank, the world’s biggest ship financier, warned the crisis in the shipping market could deepen through 2014, as it announced sharply lower net income and more than tripled loan loss provisions.