Trade Data

Trade Data

International commerce produces great quantities of trade data, compiled by both governmental and private organizations. This page contains stories dealing with aspects of trade data, both across borders and internally.


With economic conditions in the U.S. continuing to improve, the outlook for U.S. imports via ocean container from northern Europe remains highly favorable.

News & Analysis

16 Dec 2014
India’s trade deficit in November rose to its highest level since May 2013, as industrial and capital goods imports accelerated amid signs of a budding recovery in the country’s manufacturing sector.
12 Dec 2014
It's been called the final frontier for trade growth — the only place in the world where exponential economic and cargo growth is still possible and major trade is still evolving. Rising African container volumes are increasingly showing the limits of freight infrastructure on both the East and West African coasts, where ports are experiencing trouble dealing with the rise in ship calls and freight volume.
08 Dec 2014
Transplace is expanding in Western Canada and Quebec as U.S.-Canada cross-border traffic speeds up, along with the U.S. and Canadian economies.
08 Dec 2014
Stopping at the congested Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex in October made container ships an average of 3.4 days late at the next port of call, industry analysis has shown.
05 Dec 2014
Import volume growth at the busiest U.S. container ports is slowing this month amid severe West Coast delays that have put a sour finish on a strong year for container shipments, according to the monthly Global Port Tracker report.
05 Dec 2014
Total U.S. containerized exports slumped in October amid weakening global demand caused by sluggish economic conditions abroad.
03 Dec 2014
U.S. containerized cargo volumes in 2014 are projected to reach 12 million 20-foot-equivalent units, down 2 percent from 2013, according to JOC Group Economist Mario Moreno. The projected total for 2014 containerized exports barely exceeds the total of 11.9 million TEUs recorded in 2012 and 2011.
26 Nov 2014
U.S.-Mexico cross-border trucking and rail volume is poised to increase after Mexican factory export production in October hit a five-year high.
24 Nov 2014
West Africa trade still points to a region with growth potential, despite a nearly 30 percent drop in exports caused by the Ebola outbreak, Drewry and carrier executives say.
21 Nov 2014
Container throughput at Shanghai edged closer to the 30 million TEU mark in October, with the 3.02 million 20-foot containers handled in the month putting the port on course to blow last year’s 33.6 million box record out of the water by the close of business in December.