Trade Data

Trade Data

International commerce produces great quantities of trade data, compiled by both governmental and private organizations. This page contains stories dealing with aspects of trade data, both across borders and internally.


With economic conditions in the U.S. continuing to improve, the outlook for U.S. imports via ocean container from northern Europe remains highly favorable.

News & Analysis

22 May 2015
Mexican exports this year are set rise 5 percent on increased demand for automobile shipments and other manufactured goods built in Latin America’s second-largest economy.
21 May 2015
Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium are the biggest beneficiaries of increased U.S. demand for European goods and materials, according to PIERS, a sister product of within IHS Martime & Trade.
20 May 2015
Palletways, one of several groups offering shippers a palletized freight network in Europe, says it plans eastward expansion as cross-border volume within its network grows.
19 May 2015
Footwear importers are doing more business in Southeast Asia than ever before, and imports from that region will grow even faster if the U.S. approves the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.
19 May 2015
Sluggish demand and unfavorable exchange rates are driving down U.S. containerized exports to Africa and having the reverse effect on American imports from the continent.
18 May 2015
The number of tractor-trailers crossing U.S. borders rose 2.4 percent in the first quarter, following a 4 percent increase last year, according to Department of Transportation data. Border crossings between the U.S. and Mexico outpaced U.S.-Canadian truck traffic.
18 May 2015
India’s exports got off to a disappointing start in fiscal year 2015-16, with shipments to the rest of the world in April — the first fiscal month — recording a 14 percent year-over-year decline, according to preliminary trade figures released by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
15 May 2015
The new energy independence of the U.S. has sent African imports of crude oil plummeting, according to PIERS, a sister product of within IHS Maritime and Trade.
14 May 2015
U.S.-based PACCAR is expanding its truck rental and leasing to Australia, where it plans to offer Kenworth and DAF trucks to private shipper fleets and carriers.
09 May 2015
A strengthening dollar is slowing U.S. steel exports, which dropped 13.8 percent year-over-year in March and were down 7.1 percent in the first quarter of 2015. Exports totaled 896,027 net tons in March and 2.7 million tons for the quarter.