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DSV operates air, land, and sea logistics services. Begun by the merger of 10 independent Danish haulers, DSV has remained true to its Nordic heritage, maintaining a headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, while Nordic nations account for 28 percent of their revenue, though DSV’s 22,000 employees can be found in 75 countries.

DSV had revenue of $8.1 billion, coming in at No. 6 on JOC’s Top 40 Global 3PLs list through acquisitions of other logistics firms. In 2013 alone, DSV acquired four different firms, in North America, South America and Europe.

These acquisitions provided growth of 1.9 percent for DSV, helping to offset a 0.7 percent drop in organic growth. DSV’s gross profit declined from 2012’s $1.87 billion to 2013’s $1.86 billion, a decrease of only 0.5 percent despite losses tied to exchange rate fluctuation.

09 Dec 2014
Despite the resignation of CEO Eric W. Kirchner and a $34 million loss in its latest quarter, UTi Worldwide has passed a turning point, new CEO Edward G. Feitzinger said Dec. 9.
04 Dec 2014
Global third-party logistics providers DSV A/S and UTi Worldwide said they are no longer discussing a merger or acquisition.
18 Nov 2014
Two global logistics companies will set up shop in the Goodman Group’s newly-constructed Xiqing Logistics Park in Tianjin, reflecting the demand for modern warehousing to serve booming Chinese e-commerce business.
DSV flags
30 Jul 2014
DSV today became the latest top 10 freight forwarder to post market-beating growth in ocean container traffic as the consolidation of the fragmented global logistics industry gathers pace.
06 Feb 2014
DSV’s ocean container traffic grew by a market-beating 6 percent in 2013, and the global freight forwarder is targeting an increase of up to 5 percent in the current year.