CEVA Logistics

Founded in 2007 after the merger of TNT Logistics with EGL Eagle Global Logistics, CEVA Logistics, a non-asset based supply chain management company, has its headquarters in Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

CEVA Logistics’ 49,000 employees in over 1,000 offices provide freight forwarding, contract logistics, and transportation and distribution management services. The private equity firm Apollo Management, L.P., owns the majority of CEVA’s shares.

In 2013, CEVA Logistics earned $8.5 billion in revenue, a decline of $700 million, or 8.3 percent, from 2012’s $9.3 billion. On April 2, the company withdrew a planned IPODespite these losses, CEVA Logistics holds the No. 5 spot in JOC’s ranking of the Top 40 Global 3PLs.

The lion’s share of CEVA Logistics’ revenue originates in Europe, although CEVA can be found in more than 170 countries. Most of its revenue is derived from contract logistics. CEVA primarily serves the automotive, retail, technological, and industrial sectors.

CEVA has its roots in two logistics firms: TNT Logistics and EGLTNT Logistics was sold by TNT to affiliates of Apollo Management in 2006; it was renamed CEVA Logistics in December 2006. EGL had been founded in Houston, Texas, in 1984 as EagleUSA Airfreight. Apollo Management LP bought EGL in August 2007, and it became part of CEVA Logistics at that time.

02 May 2016
CEVA Logistics posted a positive performance in the first quarter despite tough market conditions.