BDP International

This colorized infrared image from the Suomi NPP satellite shows Typhoon Utor on August 11th at 4:30 (UTC). It made landfall in the Philippines later that day. Source: NASA/NOAA.
14 Aug 2013
Typhoon Utor is causing transport chaos as southern China and Hong Kong prepare for the impact of heavy rain, strong winds and waves of up to 10 meters later today.
27 Jun 2013
BDP International will continue to target growth in Asia’s fastest growing markets and expects much of its volume expansion to be linked to rising intra-Asia movements and increased supply chain complexity.
20 May 2013
Slow-steaming by shipping lines and the reduction of currency and supply chain risks will spur more original equipment ma
29 Apr 2013
Dockworker unions at the heart of a five-week strike at the Port of Hong Kong hinted they might downgrade pay demands, providing the government with some hope that talks scheduled for Tuesday may yield an agreement.
25 Apr 2013
Shipping lines will do whatever is required to support ocean freight rates at profitable levels this year, according to e