Green Supply Chain


With the evolution of "3D printing," the day may be near when small retailers can produce customized orders on demand and, in the process, shorten supply chains and further reduce the need for large inventories.

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Environmentally sustainable business practices in the sourcing and delivery of products and services.
18 Mar 2014
Companies are increasingly looking for ways to employ environmentally sustainable business practices in their sourcing and delivery of products and services.
Supply chain sustainability
18 Mar 2014
The definition of “supply chain sustainability” has morphed significantly since it came into use 10 or 15 years ago.
09 Jan 2014
Rising shipper demand for returnable or reusable freight packaging is driving expansion at packIQ, which designs and makes industrial packaging.
30 Aug 2013
Shippers and third-party logistics providers have embraced numerous strategies to reduce emissions and lower costs in an effort to improve supply chain sustainability. Yet emissions reduction is only one part of corporate sustainability agendas that have expanded to include human rights, labor practices, business ethics, anti-corruption, charitable contributions and humanitarian relief.
27 May 2013
If more shippers are starting to think about co-loading freight and sharing capacity to fight rising transportation costs, some credit should go to Kimberly-Clark. For more than two years, the $21.1 billion consumer packaged goods company has successfully shared truck capacity with another CPG shipper, Colgate, to improve distribution to a limited number of CVS Caremark retail stores.