Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing

Coverage of developments in the global supply chain, including changes in sourcing patterns.


Given Ebola’s combined potential for substantial loss of life and economic disruption, it certainly could qualify as a weapon of mass disruption-level threat, so why not treat it as one? Take Homeland Security’s defense of the international supply chain, for example. Substitute “WMD” with “Ebola,” and “freight conveyance” with “foreign traveler,” and the tactics are essentially identical.

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15 Dec 2014
Relocation of manufacturing to the U.S. has increased in recent years but doesn’t appear to be growing faster than manufactured imports, management consulting firm A.T. Kearney says in a report on reshoring.
09 Dec 2014
Beneficial cargo owners are still navigating the perils of U.S. West Coast port congestion, as they attempt to bring inventory in for the spring season.
12 Nov 2014
A South African firm’s decision last month to build an $8.1 billion plant in Louisiana that will triple its chemical production capacity in the U.S. underscores widespread growth in U.S. chemicals manufacturing and in supporting logistics and transportation services.
11 Nov 2014
Rising freight rates, partly resulting from “turmoil” in the U.S. domestic supply chain, could increase the share transportation and logistics contributes to national GDP, hurting the country’s global competitiveness, said the author of well-read annual logistics report.
30 Oct 2014
Russia, struggling after it enforced food embargoes on European Union countries, is ramping up its chicken imports from Brazil, registering a massive 291 percent year-over-year increase in imports of the white meat in September.
food store in Russia
24 Oct 2014
Russia's ban on food imports from a number of Western countries has created new shipping opportunities; fruits and vegetables traditionally supplied by European producers are being replaced by suppliers from other countries.
20 Oct 2014
The global shipping community is feeling the effects of Ebola in the form of vessel delays and schedule changes, along with potential quarantines and ship health screenings.
15 Oct 2014
SHENZHEN, China — Manufacturing isn’t migrating from China as rapidly as most experts expected, despite wages that are rising at nearly 20 percent a year, researchers focusing on sourcing trends told the TPM Asia Conference in Shenzhen on Wednesday.
07 Oct 2014
The Chinese government unveiled a six-year plan to develop the nation’s infrastructure and capacity, including a strategy to double the size of the port of Tianjin, in order to boost import and export flows and modernize its domestic supply chain.
03 Oct 2014
UPS added 766 U.S. postal codes to its UPS Worldwide Express Plus network in the third quarter, extending the reach of its international earliest morning service deeper into the U.S.