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19 Jan 2016
India has ousted China as the emerging market with the most growth potential, according to a global survey of more than 1,100 logistics and supply chain executives.
18 Jan 2016
Shippers in Bangladesh are finding new ways of getting their air cargo to Australia after the government Down Under slapped a ban on shipments heavier than 500 grams being carried on freighters and passenger planes from several countries, with the South Asia garment-producing giant among them.
13 Jan 2016
Asia’s shippers are beginning to devote more time and energy to understanding the new global container weight rule that will be enforced from mid-year, but it is no easy task to assess what the regulation will mean to their supply chains.
11 Jan 2016
Product inspection failure rates at factories in the export powerhouses of Asia rose sharply in 2015, both in China and across the newer sourcing countries, according to global quality control and compliance firm Asia Inspection.
01 Dec 2015
Seven out of 10 global shippers lack the visibility in their supply chains needed to prepare and respond to disruptions — whether they are port labor slowdowns, natural disasters or something else.
19 Oct 2015
Mexico is in the fast lane to become a major automotive manufacturing hub. And while the decision to move to Mexico may seem simple for automobile and auto part makers looking to cut costs and transit times, it doesn’t make managing supply chains any simpler.
20 Aug 2015
After decades of moving operations overseas, executives at U.S. manufacturing and distribution firms say they’re coming home, or at least closer to home via Mexico.
Sue Abt designed art showing car manufacturing upgrades in Mexico
05 Jul 2015
Mexico is no longer the low-wage sourcing location for low-value consumer products for the U.S. market that it was two decades ago when the North American Free Trade Agreement with the U.S. and Canada was implemented.
25 Feb 2015
Retailers continue to feel the hangover of West Coast port gridlock that will persist for weeks despite tentative agreement on a coastwide longshore labor contract.