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09 Apr 2014
Despite growing concerns about tight supplies and rising prices, U.S. red meat exports performed well in February...
13 Mar 2014
Orbcomm, a global wireless asset-tracking company, has acquired Euroscan, expanding its product line and ability to track refrigerated containers and trailers worldwide.
Mexico was the top market for U.S. pork exports by volume in January, although the No. 1 market in terms of value was Japan.
12 Mar 2014
U.S. red meat exports kicked off 2014 on a “positive note,” although market conditions suggest the year ahead could be “challenging,” according to statistics...
Peter Frederiksen, a member of the executive board of Hamburg Süd, addresses Cool Cargoes track attendees at the JOC’s TPM conference in Long Beach, Calif., on March 3.
10 Mar 2014
Overcapacity is a threat to container lines’ refrigerated cargo segment this year, despite projected growth in the global reefer market, according to Peter Frederiksen, a member of the executive board of Hamburg Süd.
Jaymie Forrest, Alexander Proudfoot
10 Mar 2014
The U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act has impacted the global food supply chain and, by extension, global reefer carriers too.
04 Mar 2014
A Michigan-based company has acquired the operator of a refrigerated intermodal rail service, known as ColdTrain, and plans to at least triple Rail Logistics’ container fleet over the next five years.
03 Mar 2014
Forecasters expect modest growth in U.S. and global shipments of refrigerated cargoes in containers.
28 Feb 2014
On a recent day in mid-December, two 747 freighters flew into MidAmerica St. Louis Airport loaded with 250,000 pounds of Chilean blueberries. Just days later, another 160,000 pounds of the fruit landed at the airport.
28 Feb 2014
New and expanding refrigerated rail services are delivering new options for smaller food shippers who soon could be left out in the cold by western railroads as thousands of 50-year-old mechanical boxcars are retired in the coming years.
27 Feb 2014
Container carriers and shippers of refrigerated cargoes, facing slower transit times and more distant markets, are looking to high-tech solutions from container manufacturers.