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Ports, transportation and logistics providers, temperature-controlled facilities, and software and technology solutions comprise the fundamental network that supports the global cold chain, and we’re seeing exciting new innovations and applications taking place within each of these segments to build a truly integrated cold chain.

News & Analysis

reefer shipment
22 May 2015
It’s no secret that specialized carriers are losing refrigerated cargo market share to containerized carriers, but details about why it’s happening, how much cargo is really shifting and who ultimately will control which pieces of the market are less apparent.
container ship at Garden City Terminal, Port of Savanah, with reefers onboard
21 May 2015
The Port of Savannah is ramping up its refrigerated cargo capacity after substantial year-over-year growth in reefer cargo at the Georgia port.
Frankfurt Airport’s Perishable Center Frankfurt
15 May 2015
German freight forwarder Thermotraffic is expanding its network of temperature-controlled branches throughout Europe, with the latest addition at Frankfurt Airport’s Perishable Center Frankfurt.
15 May 2015
An expansion project at the U.K.’s Port of Tilbury will add significant cold storage capacity when completed this year and rank as one of the largest reefer facilities in Europe.
14 May 2015
A study commissioned by the British Frozen Food Federation suggests frozen foods can help reduce waste and even greenhouse gas emissions.
14 May 2015
India produces about 30 percent of the world’s bananas, but poor post-harvest facilities and cold chain infrastructure means less than 1 percent make it to foreign markets. However, one fresh produce company, Pick N Serve Foods, is finding huge potential in exports, particularly to markets in Oman, Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait.
13 May 2015
The global cold chain is in the midst of rapid expansion. Stakeholders view refrigerated cargo as a growing and profitable segment of their business and sizable investments are occurring on multiple fronts to build and strengthen the integrated global cold chain.
12 May 2015
Samskip and VGB — the Dutch Association of Wholesalers in Floricultural Products — tested a refrigerated rail shipment of plants from the Netherlands to Sweden using a new flora container developed by Rotterdam-based UNIT45.
Port Manatee, Florida
12 May 2015
The Tampa Port Authority has approved a $20.8 million spending plan to build a new refrigerated warehouse in an attempt to win back perishable food shippers to Port Tampa Bay.
08 May 2015
A new ship design could be just what the refrigerated shipping industry — and banana shippers, in particular — needs to remain in control of their supply chain.