ATTENTION ALL NAVY RETIREES. Those of you who miss slop on a shingle or its equivalent and whose legs have never quite gotten use to the lack of roll associated with being ashore, the Navy has some openings for a few good men.

In the process of reactivating the battleship Wisconsin, the U.S. Navy wants to reactivate some experienced sailors - perhaps as many as 200 - for a two-year hitch to serve as the nucleus crew to train younger sailors in operating the World War II vintage battleship.The Navy is seeking people with such battleship skills as boiler technician, engineman, hull technician, interior communications electrician, machinist's mate, machinery repairman and operations specialists. Especially required, the Navy added, are men experienced in handling the giant 16-inch guns and associated fire control systems for the battleship.

Interested reservists and retirees should file applications for a return to active service by Feb. 1, 1987 with the Naval Military Personnel Command in Washington.

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